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About Me

Sound effects for audiovisual media

Creating immersive worlds and characterful impacts through complex sound effects

Valentin Spiegel


Music has always been a big part of my life. At the age of 6 I was fascinated by rhythm and already knew, that drums would become my instrument of choice. Later, when I was given a Darth Vader action figure with an integrated lightsaber sound effect, I spent most of time listening to the sound by constantly turning the lightsaber on and off. Since then, I knew I had a special connection to audio. Together with my strong enthusiasm for films and games, the road for my journey as a Sound Designer for audiovisual media was set.


Each of us knows those moments, when you watch a certain movie scene several times in a row or press the same button over and over again in a game, just because it feels good. Such moments occur, when audio and visual match perfectly together, forming an unity. Therefore it is my goal to create the best matching audio experience for the visuals, that immerses the audience into the world and thus provides a wholesome experience.






  1. MAGIC - Arcane 0:27
  2. MAGIC - Fire 0:24
  3. MAGIC - Water 0:25
  4. WEAPONS - Guns 0:20
  5. WEAPONS - Sci Fi 0:21
  6. WEAPONS - Medieval 0:15
  7. CREATURES - Monster 0:23
  8. CREATURES - Alien 0:21
  9. AMBIENCE - Medieval Village 0:30
  10. AMBIENCE - Dungeon 0:30
  11. AMBIENCE - Spaceship 0:30




Sound effects, ambiences and everyday sounds

When it comes to audiovisual media, sound is not just a supporting role for the visuals. It is half the experience. Sound can also take the lead and tell a story of its own where the visuals can't. The additional, sonic layer enhances the narrative story telling and helps to create an immersive, convincing and vivid world to the audience.


Implementation into Game Engines via Audio Middleware

Creating audio assets is just the first step of game audio. A dynamic playback system, that reacts to the gameplay is also crucial. Using an Audio Middleware provides advanced possibilities to ensure high quality audio and enables the Sound Designer to implement audio on his own, taking off workload from the programmer.




360 VIDEO / VR





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