The White Gold

The White Gold

When it comes to porcelain such as vases, bowls, plates, jugs or other tableware, the country of the rising sun often comes to mind - China. However, it is far less known that there has been a similar development in Europe.

It was more of an accident that Johann Friedrich Böttger discovered the European hard-paste porcelain. Serving the Elector of Saxony, August the Strong, Böttger was actually supposed to produce gold. However, after 6 years of futile research and countless failed attempts, he created something equally coveted: porcelain - the white gold.

To honor the 300th anniversary of Böttger's death, the porcelain collection of the staatliche Kunstsammlung Dresden was reissued. Besides a redesign of the Böttger Hall, the history of Böttger and his discovery of porcelain as well as its production process have now been illustrated in small animated films. I contributed the sound design for those films.

The exhibition will reopen on 12th of June.