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ANIMA Premiere

On 21.01. the time has come and the documentary film Anima - the clothes of my father celebrated its premiere at the Max-Ophüls-Festival in Saarbrücken. But not only that, the film also won 2 awards. Read More

WAPO Berlin

Germans just love detective series. At any given chance there is an investigation going on, evidence being analyzed, suspects being interrogated and conclusions being drawn. Typically the detectives do their work on dry ground... Read More

WAPO Bodensee

Lake Constance (in German: Bodensee) is not only a beautiful place in southern Germany marking the border between Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but also the set for the german TV series "WAPO Bodensee". Read More


This year, not only adults but also young people can vote in the state elections in Saxony. In a separate youth election, the young voters of tomorrow can send a signal to the parties about what is really ... Read More

Career Day

For the first time the SAE Institute is organizing a "Career day" throughout Germany on the 14th of June. Interested parties, current students as well as alumni are getting the chance to take a look at the media professional life. Read More