Games and Castles

Games und Burgen

Games and Castles

Games and castles - this unity has been the foundation for many great games. An army taking a bastion under fire during the siege of a strategy game, a knight fighting in a shiny armor against a dragon of a role playing game or a squad of Dwarves cutting through a horde of Orcs of an action adventure game.

The castle Hartenfels of the city of Torgau is taking a different approach. On the 17th of December the exhibition “Into the adventure - The virtual world of video games” opens its doors. Besides different exhibits from all eras of video game history and consoles to play with, there will be a short documentary about the development of video games. I was able to share my knowledge about game audio in an interview for this one.

The exhibition is taking place until the 31st of March 2020.