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Games and Castles

Games and castles - this unity has been the foundation for many great games. An army taking a bastion under fire during the siege of a strategy game, a knight fighting in a shiny armor against a dragon of a role playing game... Read More

GameDev Meetup

Once a month the GameDev Meetup is taking place at the “Basislager” in Leipzig. The local games development community comes together to discuss the latest games, share their knowledge or showcase their latest prototypes. Read More

Games Week Berlin

Every year Berlin dedicates a whole week to video games. Besides conferences, exhibitions, talks and workshops, the german Computerspielpreis will be awarded. It's a great opportunity for game developers to connect and share. Read More

White Nights

This year the "White Nights" will be held in Berlin for the first time. The developer conference of the Game's industry has its base in Russia and took mostly place in Eastern European countries in the past. Now it will be the heart of Europe. Read More

Game Audio Dozent

Nach meinem kurzen Ausflug in die Dozententätigkeit im Rahmen eines Sound Design Workshops am SAE Institute Leipzig im letzten Jahr, kehre ich dieses Jahr mit einer dauerhaften Beschäftigung zurück.... Read More