devcom 2020

This year, many things are different and so it is not surprising that this year's game developer conference devcom is not taking place in the exhibition hall of the Cologne trade fair as usual. But instead of cancelling the event ... Read More

WAPO Berlin

Germans just love detective series. At any given chance there is an investigation going on, evidence being analyzed, suspects being interrogated and conclusions being drawn. Typically the detectives do their work on dry ground... Read More

Games and Castles

Games and castles - this unity has been the foundation for many great games. An army taking a bastion under fire during the siege of a strategy game, a knight fighting in a shiny armor against a dragon of a role playing game... Read More

WAPO Bodensee

Lake Constance (in German: Bodensee) is not only a beautiful place in southern Germany marking the border between Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but also the set for the german TV series "WAPO Bodensee". Read More